108 tea talk subscription

The 108 Tea Talk Subscription is a service whereby members will be able to book on a monthly recurring basis, and save while doing it. 

As a business owner, I know you've got a lot going on. My work in these monthly sessions is to provide you with an outside perspective and share tips and tools to help you grow your business. My end goal is to get you thinking differently about how you approach your project or business. 



They will follow the same format as Tea Talks: one-on-one virtual sessions to discuss all things marketing and communications for your business. However, with this 108 Tea Talk Subscription service, you receive:

  • The same one-on-one service as you would when booking Single Tea Talk sessions.
  • Your monthly 1-hr session at a 25% savings compared to purchasing a Single Tea Talk.
  • Advanced notice of upcoming meet-ups, offers and workshops.
  • 10% off all meet-ups, workshops and yoga classes (private and group private yoga classes included).
  • Every month you are a member, you earn 15 minutes to gift to a fellow entrepreneur. Credits can be claimed up to 6 months from the time they were added to your profile.

You will walk away from these monthly sessions with homework and to-dos, and a plan for next month's session. If you need more than one per month, you may book additional sessions in between, here.


$108.00 / month

You will be billed on the day you subscribe and billed monthly from that date, for as long as you have a subscription. Each monthly session must be used within the month of the subscription. No carry-over sessions. If you need more than one per month, book unlimited Power Tea Talks or receive 10% off Single Tea Talk sessions.

Note: You will receive an email upon purchasing your first month's subscription to book your session.


Minimum 3-month commitment. 30-day cancellation is required. Re-start your subscription at any time. Tea Talks cannot be rolled over into the following 30-day cycle. Learn more about the refund policy here.