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Are you a woman? A business partner? A mother? A sister? An entrepreneur? A side-hustler?

Are you ready to talk to other real women and open up about the sh*t and the cloud 9?

Then this is for you. We want you to define Ladyboss on your own terms and own it. We want to create a resourceful space for you and the women around you.





Like any Ladyboss Meet-up, this community-empowered event is designed to bring a group of women together from all backgrounds; but with one thing in common. The desire to define Ladyboss on their own terms. For this realaunch, a special 3-hour event, we'll not only lead you through a typical Mimosa Morning (if you've been in the past), but also a meditation, clarity workshop, some headshots for your next business or project, and other surprise goodies.



"Mimosa Mornings is hands down one of the most creative and inspiring workshops for women entrepreneurs and creatives in Toronto today. As an entrepreneur and creative, I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling this constant need to fulfill this burning desire to connect , move and be inspired by likeminded people who truly "get you". Mimosa mornings do just that, the lovely ladies Ive met were so inspiring and it really helped spark a few amazing conversations and raised burning questions. I came outta there with a sense of being and belonging to a growing community of women with the same vision and experiences as you. I loved every minute of it, almost didn't want it to end!"

— Nicole


“This was an amazing opportunity to meet new people, meet yourself (your real self) and explore ideas in a space that was non-judgmental and open. And having a glass of bubbly was a nice way to start a friday.”

— Christina


“It was such an inspiring and empowering experience. The conversation was very organic. It was comforting to know others go through the same roller coaster of emotions that I go through as a business owner.”

— Allie




“A low key networking opportunity that, unlike many of these forums, actually has substance and not just style. The conversation and the attendees were high quality. I’ll cheers to that.”

— Rena


“My first Mimosa Morning was such an unexpectedly fun morning! You can’t go wrong with mimosas on a Friday morning, but to tie it into an inspiring discussion with other like-minded women entrepreneurs was awesome! If you need a little motivation, inspiration, support, or love this is the place to be.”

— Amy


“I love Mimosa Mornings. I didn’t know what to expect and was so nervous about going. I got out of my comfort zone and really enjoyed the talk we had around the table, the day I went we were all going through the same walk in life, different careers but same struggles. I was so encouraged by everyone! And having a mimosa (or two) was a bonus!”

— Aylin