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Work with me in private one-on-one sessions, as I guide you through a seated or moving mindfulness practice; or mentorship and coaching in the form of Tea Talks.

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Stillness can look many different ways. Kneeling, cross-legged, lying down. Choose your medicine, and we’ll be in stillness, together. Allow me to guide you through a meditation that reminds you it is safe to pause, to simply be, to come back to breath, and to replenish your heart, brain, and bones.

Whether it’s your very first “sit” or you’re a veteran and seeking to change things up with guidance, click below to learn more about the various types of guided meditation we can do together.

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Functional movement is my favourite movement. We can choose to take on many different beautiful shapes and postures, but I encourage you to ask why you are choosing these shapes. We are our best teachers — not only when we honour our own shapes, structures, injuries and experiences, and allow that to guide our movement practice, but when we pause and find the root. When we drop-in to seek the why, the pathway to the posture.

You may have never rolled out a mat before. You may have 20 years of patterns and postures engrained. Allow me to support you in new ways to embody those shapes, move past your edges with softness, strengthen and empower your bones and breath to put you on the longevity plan.



Energy work available in-person and by distance. For clients seeking healing, by way of movement of energy through the body, we may work together and I can facilitate this healing work.

All sessions include a short drop-in meditation.

Sessions start at $55 for 30 minutes.

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mentorship + coaching (aka Tea Talks)

Tea Talks are one-on-one virtual sessions. They may be utilized to as mentorship to support you as an entrepreneur in business, or building a custom work-life program that enables you to best replenish in a way that optimizes not only your professional life, but personal as well.

As a business owner, I know you may have a lot going on, and the ability to pause and replenish may feel far off in the distance. I am here to gently remind you, it does not have to be. My work in this hour is to provide you with an outside perspective and share tips and tools to help you grow and live fully, heart-forward. My end goal is to get you thinking differently about how you approach your day, how you come to your mat, your project or your business. 

Book a session. Gift a session. Sign up for a subscription (coming soon).


Single-card readings or multi-card spreads available. Birthday and year-ahead also available for booking.

Readings begin January 2019


Unsure the path or service that best suits you?

Click here to book a free 15-minute consultation to help you narrow it down.



All appointments are assumed virtual over the phone or video chat, unless by special request. In-person appointments for individuals or small group privates available at an hourly rate. Reduced rates per person, pending size of group. Please email me at to reserve in-person private or group sessions.