A 12-WEEK JOURNEY to tapping into your spacious feminine flow

Harness Your Inner Power and Rise Up To Your Authentic, Highest Self.


A Love Letter To The Woman Who Desires To Tap Into Her Inner Power, To Feel Deeply Replenished, and To Rise Up As Her Most Authentic Self.

First, thank you for being here. Thank you for your presence, for showing up, and considering this journey with me.

You are already abundant. You are already shifting. You are already doing the work. You are so worthy of so much more, and perhaps, just maybe, landing here is part of the journey to that.

This program comes from a deep desire to be witness to beautiful, powerful, loving women, like yourself, showing up to share their soul’s work with the world. We cannot rise up and serve others; and we cannot offer our gifts to the world with ease; without replenishing.

Replenishment comes in all forms. It doesn’t have to be luxurious (though babe, you are so worthy of pure luxury). The ability to replenish by tapping into what is already available to us, can come in simple forms — sometimes we just need that reminder.

What if in this moment, as your eyes move over this page, and your heart receives these words, I asked ‘how do you feel?’ (and I mean, really feel). Do you feel replenished?

What if in this very moment, you had no where to be, no where to go, but exactly where you are… What would your response look like? What would it feel like? How would you move through your day? How would you show up for yourself and your loved ones? How would all of the humans who are ready for what you have to offer, show up alongside you?

What if right now, in this very moment, your cup felt so full, it overflowed with tears of joy and the freedom and motivation to check all of the dream items off your list, and then some?

If you choose not to go beyond this letter, it is my hope that you will at least be reminded of how deserving you are to feel deep rest, to feel replenished, to feel free, to feel like you have the space to offer your magic with ease. And to receive abundantly.

Should you choose to continue on this journey with me, we’ll dive deep. I'll share my tools and techniques from lived experience, with the intent to support you in harnessing your inner power, and rise up to your most authentic, highest self.

Because babe, you deserve it.


why am i offering this?

My first decade in the public relations and marketing industries, I felt deeply disconnected from my body. After years of confused doctors, supplements that made no sense, I tapped into my cycle. I spoke to my wombspace. I meditated and focused my energy there and listened to what she had to say.

My intention is to educate. To hold space. To allow for women to feel safe to release shame. To create safe space for conversation and sharing. To encourage sharing. To support you in trusting your inner power. To remind you that in doing these things, you are supported in feeling replenished, abundant and free to build all of the amazing things you are here to build and share. You can learn more about me here, or follow my journey on Instagram.

this is for you if You…

  • Desire to be more in-tune with the power and potency of your menstrual cycle, alongside and/or in tandem with Moon cycles.

  • Are ready to regain momentum and know how you can use your own inner power to feel more energized and clear.

  • Wish to feel freedom from fatigue and brain fog as it relates to having a better understanding of your body’s natural cycles.

  • Have had enough when it comes to surprise period appearances and seemingly unexplained PMS.

  • Are a badass woman wanting to optimize your energy and tap into the power of your pussy.

  • Wish to feel more sensual, more connected, more alive in your body, for YOU.

  • Have a desire to feel pleasure more deeply.

  • Desire to feel more connected to your sexual energy centres to optimize your creative energies and talents.

  • Are ready to up-level your connection to Self and manifestation abilities.

  • Wish to feel safe and connected to Self in order to also better support other women in your life and work.

  • Wish to feel like you are deeply deserving of deep rest in order to rise up.

  • Are ready to go all in and receive love and abundance on all new levels.

  • Are a new or existing client — all women welcome.

What you don’t need:

  • Existing deeper understanding of the menstrual cycle, though a desire to learn.

  • Extensive meditation experience — we’ll start where you are and build a tailored practice of tuning in, accordingly.

  • More hours in the day.

This is an evolution and much deeper, extensive dive into some of the work we touch on in the half day 1:1 sessions. This program is completely supported one on one, tailored to your experience, your needs, and your desires. to know how you can best replenish, redirect your energy, and offer your gifts to the world with potency and ease.

I am here to support and guide you in taking the time and space needed to replenish, and rise up to your amazing Self.

This is an opportunity to dive deep and to be opened up and supported energetically, to receive immediate tools and techniques that will support your ongoing replenishment. Tools to reset and redirect — using what is already available to you. You will be supported via bi-weekly one on one calls, personalized guided meditations and PDF worksheets for you to work through at your own pace.

I am here to offer clarity around your menstrual cycle to support your ongoing replenishment.

Completely new to using the power and potency of your menstrual cycle and wombspace to balance and understand your energy levels? That’s okay. It’s like an ‘all levels yoga class’, all levels of awareness are welcome. Super tapped in and know your cycle to a tee? Also amazing. This is only a small part of our time together, and the session will be tailored (in all ways) to where you are at.

I am here to remind you that you are oh-so-deserving of this gift to yourself.

The goal in our session is to help bring more awareness to your wombspace, and to connect to your heart, in order to get you on the path to consistent replenishment and self-nourishment.

The specifics. what will you receive during our time together?

  • 3x Exploratory kickoff video calls: 2 hour Deep Dives (during the first week of each month) *

  • Bi-weekly1 hour accountability support video calls.

  • Bi-weekly live, and personalized and guided meditations that will evolve over the course of the program (via video call).

  • Lifetime access to recordings of the bi-weekly guided meditations.

  • Monthly action plan with tools, tips and techniques, dropped into your inbox on your start date.

  • Downloadable audio meditations for your morning, evening or commute.

  • A deeper understanding of how to connect to, and literally flow with your menstrual cycle and the cycles of the moon. **

  • Monthly actionable worksheets and prompts to support your journey of tapping into your badass feminine power.

  • Lifetime access to worksheets and PDFs shared.

  • Email support.

  • Closing 90 minute virtual guided mediation and distant healing.

* Deep Dive calls are inclusive of a short opening and closing meditation, as well as optional distant reiki.
** This is not limited to bleeding women. If you do not, or no longer menstruate, cycle materials will be supplemented with support calls, guided healing meditations and other worksheets to support you in tapping into your feminine energy, wherever you are in this Earth school.

Entrance into the program begins on October 15th, 2019. After that date, you can start anytime that feels in alignment for you. Your 12-week access begins on the day of registration.

Month One

Kickoff session, meditation and distant healing session to launch our time together. Overview of cycles, as a means to learn how to best understand your own and leverage your understanding to optimize and direct your energy. Includes actionable downloads, support calls and meditations.


Month Two

We will work with the exercises and homework from Month One, layering in new prompts and accessing even more clarity, by tapping into the womb and heart space. Accountability calls and personalized guided meditations will align with, and evolve alongside, what is coming up for you after month one.


Month Three

Continuation of evolved meditations, actionable tasks, and consistent check-ins. By Month Three, the goal is that you are more in-tune with your cycle and able to optimally replenish and honour your body through its natural phases, so that you may be more efficient, productive and at ease in your work and life.


What is my investment?

$5000 + tax (monthly payment plans available) — $4444 if you register before October 10, 2019 (also available as monthly payment plan).

Ready to jump in?


A question or two before you take the leap?

Book your free exploratory call now, to determine if this program feels in alignment for you.

* Please also book this call if you wish to join via a monthly payment option.