half-day Intensive: Replenish to Rise

A Potent 1:1 Power Session on Mastering Your Replenishment

Blended with personalized guided meditations, worksheets, and distant energy work, this potent and condensed intensive is an offering for conscious creators, entrepreneurs, and nine-to-fivers. Essentially, any woman with a desire to tap into her inner world and cycles, in order to immediately create more ease, grace and alignment in her life.


Do you want to feel more replenished?

this is no ordinary ‘step-by-step’ or coaching ‘power hour’

Do you want to be supported in taking the time and space needed to replenish?

We cannot rise up and serve others; and we cannot offer our gifts to the world with ease; without replenishing. This 1:1 is an opportunity to dive deep and to be opened up to receive immediate tools and techniques that will allow for supported replenishment. Tools to reset and redirect — using what is already available to you.

Do you want to know how clarity around your menstrual cycle can support your replenishment process?

Completely new to using the power and potency of your menstrual cycle and wombspace to balance and understand your energy levels? That’s okay. It’s like an ‘all levels yoga class’, all levels of awareness are welcome. Super tapped in and know your cycle to a tee? Also amazing. This is only a small part of our time together, and the session will be tailored (in all ways) to where you are at.

Do you need to be reminded that you are oh-so-deserving of this gift to yourself?

The goal in our session is to help bring more awareness to your wombspace, and to connect to your heart, in order to get you on the path to consistent replenishment and self-nourishment.

What this includes:

  • 2.5 hour video call (inclusive of a personalized guided meditation and distance reiki (optional) to begin and close our session together

  • Explore where you are at energetically and emotionally

  • Explore high level your connection to your cycle

  • Worksheet and action plan

  • One 30-minute follow-up video call and short meditation to check-in

  • Investment is $444 + tax



I once lived in two worlds.

Yoga and PR & marketing, respectively. These worlds have since collided — taking my lived experiences from over a decade in a PR lifestyle that almost never slept, to creating safe environments so that others may replenish in order to rise.

The journey of replenishment is an ongoing one, and it is my deepest desire to hold space for you to do this work; to support you in coming back to breath; to remind you that mindful rest and replenishment is a part of rising — and that it takes on many shapes and forms.

Whether we are taking a few steps back to strategize over a Tea Talk, or taking a time out for sacred self-care and melting into your mat, I am here to support in stillness, breathwork, and business and personal mentorship.