Gift a Tea Talk

Gift a Tea Talk

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Tea Talks are one-on-one virtual sessions to discuss all things marketing and communications for your business. If you know a fellow entrepreneur who would appreciate this service, send a surprise gift!


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As a fellow Ladyboss, you know what it's like to juggle the day to days and the work that comes with an entrepreneurial spirit. My work with this gifted Tea Talk is to provide your friend with an outside perspective and share tips and tools to help you grow and support their business or project. 

Rest assured, your friend will walk away from this session with homework and to-dos. My goal is that they'll get a kickstart in clarity and be even more ready for the next step or chapter, thanks to this sweet gesture of yours.

* Gifts must be redeemed in the same timeline as regular Tea Talks. Learn more on the Refund + Returns Policy page.