tea talks

Tea Talks are one-on-one virtual sessions. They may be utilized to as mentorship to support you as an entrepreneur in business, or building a custom work-life program that enables you to best replenish in a way that optimizes not only your professional life, but personal as well.

As a business owner, I know you may have a lot going on, and the ability to pause and replenish may feel far off in the distance. I am here to gently remind you, it does not have to be. My work in this hour is to provide you with an outside perspective and share tips and tools to help you grow and live fully, heart-forward. My end goal is to get you thinking differently about how you approach your day, how you come to your mat, your project or your business. 



questions & ANSWERS

What is a Tea Talk?

A Tea Talk is 1-on-1 session to pick my brain on all things marketing, social and communications to support you in building your business. It's like having your very own in-house virtual marketing consultant and accountability coach.

Are sessions virtual or in-person?

All Tea Talks are virtual, unless otherwise stated.

How long is a Tea Talk?

Tea Talks range from 45 minutes to 1-hour depending on whether you purchase a Monday Power Tea Talk or a regular Tea Talk or subscription-based Tea Talk*. 

Is there a set structure to the session?

Upon payment, you will receive list of questions or 'homework' as a guide to our conversation. We can always stray from these. They are a guide to help support and make the most of our time together.

You purchased a Tea Talk. Now what?

Complete your 'homework' form prior to our call. These questions are a guide to get your thinking about your business and our call so we can make the most of our time together. These questions will be delivered to your inbox from yours truly.