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"There is peaceful. There is wild. I am both at the same time."


— Nayyirah Waheed


Special events + classes

aug 19


Unlock Your Creative Potential Workshop

Join BRIKA Co-Founder, Kena Paranjape, and myself for a 90-minute weekend workshop focused on unlocking your creative potential.

Participants will be led through a mindful meditation by yoruse truly, to settle into the space and prepare to let your creativity unleash. The meditation will be followed by an interactive workshop with Kena, designed to build your creativity toolkit with simple activities and habits that will help to enhance your creativity in your daily life.

When: Saturday, August 19

Where: BRIKA, Queen West, Toronto

Time: 9:30-11AM

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Styles of Yoga I teach



Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is exactly what is sounds like — restorative. Its sole purpose is to allow your body and mind time to rest and restore. In this practice, we'll create time and space to allow the physical body to align with the mental and emotional body. Through stillness and gentle movement for longer periods of time, the body is able to "recoup". In a 75-90 minute class poses are typically held for 8-20 minutes each. A single Restorative Yoga class includes on average 5-6 poses.




Vinyasa Flow

When translated literally from Sanskrit, Vi means “to place” and nyasa means “in a special or sacred way”. A Vinyasa Flow class is coordinating movement to breath from one pose to the next. In a Vinyasa Flow class, we'll start slow with sun salutations, work towards a peek pose through a variety of postures, and end with a grounding seated or lying down meditation. This dynamic practice can be as sweaty or as slow as you desire when you come to your mat that day. 





Meditation can feel intimidating. My intention is to show you how easily you can incorporate it into your life, in as little as a few minutes. After all, it is coined a practice for a reason. You may be able to easily sit for 5 minutes or for 55 minutes. Regardless of the time you have, one of the most important lessons I have learned and wish to share about this practice, is that the ability to be still, varies from day to day, moment to moment. We sometimes place pressure on ourselves to make Meditation a mandatory part of our day. When truthfully, Meditation is simply honouring and coming back to your breath in any given moment. Our minds are never completely still. The coming back is the practice. Let the thoughts come and go and honour breath.



I teach public yoga classes in various locations throughout the city. 

Note: All Wynn Fitness classes are subs.



Have specific health goals? We can roll out our mats together for a 1-on-1 yoga session, or grab a group of your pals and we can sit or flow together. 

Prices vary by number of participants.


let's move (or sit).