My passion lies in supporting lifetyle, yoga and wellness brands grow their businesses through smart marketing and communications. With thoughtful planning, I help women build their business and empower other women. 

How did I come to serve in both marketing communications & yoga?

My appreciation for yoga began in 2004 when I would practice in my small university gym in Halifax, Nova Scotia. There was a single class offered, once per week. Shortly after taking my first class, I knew that meeting myself on the mat was something that was going to stay with me. 

After completing a bachelor's degree in Public Relations (over a decade ago now!) and landing a job at a highly sought after East Coast marketing & PR agency, that later moved me from their Nova Scotia flagship to their new Toronto office to help build an account team, I very quickly recognized what burnout at a young age looked like. Still, though the Vinyasas were sometimes fewer and further between, I never stopped finding time to roll out my mat, even if it meant an evening Flow, followed by heading back to the office until midnight to prep for a presentation. 

My health began to reflect my schedule.

I found myself in my naturopath's office unsure how to deal with persistent gut problems, lack of sleep and a desire for change. I moved to the client side in fashion PR for a couple of years and though the symptoms passed for a short time, they quickly returned. This was my turning point. The entrepreneurial blood that was running through my veins, having grown up in a small business family, was dying to come out and be seen. 

I left the client side and launched my own PR & Marketing business in 2012, focusing on lifestyle brands that empowered women — either through an offering, or because they were a female-owned and operated business, themselves.

Yoga reminded me to come back to me.

Though my practice was inconsistent for a few years, those first few moments on my mat years prior never escaped me.



I began to make meetings on my mat a priority. Literally in my calendar — an appointment with myself. The work of an entrepreneur isn't seemingly leisurely and laptops on the ocean, as it may sometimes appear from the outside looking in. Most of the work lies between our ears; and if we can consistently come back to our purpose on this planet, and how and who we are here to serve, that is yoga.


I have helped clients to earn press in major publications — from national spreads to product round-ups and founder stories in the Globe and Mail, National Post, The Kit, to Huffington Post, Chatelaine, Best Health, House & Home, Flare, Well + Good, Canadian Running Magazine, and ELLE to name a few.

And though my active pitching days have slowed down, and I have spent years focusing on the strategic sides of the business, the work to help companies and brands be press-ready, and how to manage it once they begin to pitch and grow. My work has led to smarter monetization of my clients' services, growth, and more seamless and memorable customer experiences. Most importantly, customer experiences and long-lasting relationships. People matter. Despite the digital world we live in, priority remains the people and the ability to go that extra mile for a personal connection. 

I am here to inspire.

I'm an East Coast woman at heart. Born and raised in Newfoundland, I have settled into, and made a home in Toronto, Canada with my partner. Both working in the fast-paced world of marketing and communications, fitness and wellness are important to us and have become an integral part of our lives. 

Both in business and in health, my deepest desire to help people (and especially the empowering women out there) to be their best selves. Whether we are taking a few steps back and strategizing about how to execute new business goals, launch a worksop or take a time out for self-care, I am here to inspire through breath, movement and strategic planning with ease. 


The slay in me, honours the slay in you.